Our favorite four-legged friends, past and present.

First there was Smudge and Newton. We sadly lost Smudge in August 2008 - age nearly 15 - after her brave battle with cancer (you can see a slideshow of her recovery from her surgery in May 2008, which gave her a few extra months with us). She was a very brave cat, and was doing well until the very end. We will miss her always.

In November 2008 we adopted two new Tonkinese kittens - Monty and Lola. Newton was totally not impressed, but eventually came to be best buddies with Monty.

We lost Newton in January 2011 - age 17 1/2 - a grand old lady. We were all sad to say goodbye to our old lady of the house - especially Monty.

Monty and Lola fill the gap and continue to delight us daily.

Below are links to the books created for each of Smudge and Newton to memorialize their lives, as well as the two current books about Monty and Lola. Clicking on the icon at the top right of each book will allow you to see the book in full screen. (Full screen icon may not appear in Safari; book preview may not appear properly in Microsoft Edge - best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.)

Smudge's book of memories

Newton's book of memories

Monty and Lola's first year with us

Monty and Lola's second year

Monty and Lola's third year

Stay tuned for more adventures with Monty & Lola!