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Biking Umbria & Tuscany

In September 2009 we did a week long self-guided bike trip from Hungary to Poland, most of the biking crossing Slovakia, skirting the Tatras (the Slovakian Alps). We managed to convince our friends Pun and David from England to join us. It was a fascinating trip through some areas that were not yet bombarded with masses of tourists. As of that time, Slovakia still had much to learn about the ”service“ industry which made for some interesting encounters. Visits to Budapest at the beginning and Krakow at the end of the trip were also highlights.

Below is the link to the book of photographs of this trip, created with Blurb, a self-publishing company. Clicking on the icon at the top right of each book will allow you to see the book in full screen.(Full screen icon may not appear in Safari; book preview may not appear properly in Microsoft Edge - best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.)